A cat having an adventure

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Epilogues for the Kuroko no Basuke manga are being released biweekly on the Shounen Jump+ website! The first epilogue focuses on Kaijou, and the next epilogue will be out on October 6, 2014.

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Free! Eternal Summer episode 12 locations: Sydney

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Can I just say how great it is that sane fans who knew to be respectiful of the place at a time when many of us would have difficulty controlling our emotions in such a situation went and did this? XD

Though it does make me wonder a few things now:

  • "one month ago" - really?? That seems awfully recent o_O
  • But if it’s true, does that mean that Utsumi and whoever went there maybe during actual obon, like Haru and Rin? If so, forever mad that while I was standing in line to buy harurin porn, they were MAKING MORE PORN POSSIBLE
  • Room 25 - did the staff choose room 25 for reasons, or were they assigned it randomly? Or did they not even stay in 25 and just used it as a model?
  • Aka does “25” mean anything? I feel like it must, otherwise they wouldn’t have included it so prominently, but I’m curious gdi.

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The All Day Everyday Project Hannes Beer


so. I visited my cousin’s apartment today

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The best thing to come out of the ViVi campaign is the Levi memes. 

Source, Source

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a ferocious beast

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I… just don’t want to be over there right now.

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Limited edition


Limited edition

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